Recharge your balance for dispersions

Follow this step-by-step to recharge your balance from the Console

Prior to the dispersal process, you need to check the funds of your Kushki merchant. If you do not have funds, we recommend that you top up your account so that you can make cash payments or bank transfers without any setbacks.


  1. Log in to the Administrative Console with your master user.
  2. Go to Home to the Payouts section.
  3. Click on the +Recharge balance button, enter the amount and description. Finally click on Recharge.
  4. Select PSE Bank Debit (Cash payment is not enabled for the time being).
  5. Select your bank and complete the data.
  6. Complete the payment in your Banking Portal. In the production phase, you must transfer to Savings Account Iris Bank # 100891244241.
  7. Your payment is updated online.

Below, we show you how to complete the process of recharging the balance for dispersions: