How do Payments by Wire Transfers Work?

We explain how a payment by wire transfer works in Kushki

If your users do not have a credit card or wish to use the available balance in their bank accounts to make an online purchase, the account debit (wire transfer) is the ideal and fast payment option.

Payment process

The payment process by wire transfer consists of allowing your customer to use the available balance in their bank account to pay for a purchase on your website or app. To do so, you must redirect your customer to the website of the bank entity of their choice at checkout to authorize the transaction amount to be debited from their account.

The Flow

Transfer in Perú EN

1. and 2. Selection of the payment method

Within your App or website, the user must select wire transfer as payment method and fill in the payment form data.

3. and 4. Creation of the transaction and redirection for the selection of the bank

Kushki confirms the creation of the transaction and returns the URL to which you must redirect the user to select his/her bank entity and make the transfer.

5. Entry to the bank portal and Authorization

When the user enters the website of his/her bank entity, authenticates, verifies the transaction details (description of the transaction, amount, and account to be debited), and accepts that the transaction amount will be debited from the balance of his/her account.

6. and 7. Confirmation of Debit

When the user authorizes the transfer, the bank entity confirms to Kushki the result of the transaction, and Kushki notifies you of the final status of the transaction.

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