Latest Features

Do you always want to be up to date with our latest features? Find here the releases, upgrades, fixes and new articles that will make your day-to-day life with Kushki easier.

March 2023

  • Webhooks with Payment Button. 📚 New guide / Notifications, Webhooks, Card payments, Transfer payments, Cash payments. Check this guide for the structure of webhooks sent by Kushki when making a payment via a Payment Button.

February 2023

  • Shopify. 🚀 New feature / Plugins. Kushki now accepts payments with Shopify, allowing making transactions in a safe and quick manner, without writing a single line of code. If you want to learn more about our new plugin, check out our Introduction and integration guide.

January 2023

  • Webhooks. 💻 Update / Notifications, Webhooks, Card payments, Transfer payments, Cash payments. You can now receive notifications (webhooks) for each transaction by sending the webhooks object from your back-end. For more information, check our webhooks and Check your webhooks guides.

November 2022

August 2022

  • How does it work?. 📖 Updated guide / transfer in and cash in. Restructured the overview articles of the transfer in and cash in integrations for all countries.

July 2022

  • 3DS support. ⚙️ Enhancement / 3DS. We included support for 3DS authentication when you get the one-time-payment or recurring token from your back-end.

May 2022

  • 3DS. 💻 🚀 New feature /3DS. Kushki now supports 3DS 1.0 and 2.0 authentication (depending on the issuer) for Visa and Mastercard brands. This validation is applicable to one-time and recurring payments.

February 2022

  • WooCommerce Plugin. 📖 Guide Updated /Plugins. We include the section plugin operation : what are the different states of an order, how to process payments via authorization and capture or single payment, plus how to request a refund. Click here for more information.

January 2022

  • Payment button. 🚀 New feature / Payment button| The new Kushki payment button integrates with your web or website to receive card, cash or transfer payments in a shopping experience controlled by Kushki, quickly and securely. Learn more about it here.

December 2021

  • Magento plugin update. 💻 Update /Plugins. The Magento plugin now supports more payment methods and you can customize the appearance of the payment form from your Administration Console. Click here for more information.

  • Prestashop plugin update. 💻 Update /Plugins. The Prestashop plugin now supports more payment methods. Also, you can customize the appearance of the payment form from your Administration Console. Click here to learn more.

November 2021

  • Payment Glossary. 📖 Guide Updated / glossary. We have updated our payment glossary. There you will find common terms used in the industry and in Kushki products. Check it out here.

  • Collection points. 📚 New guide / cash payments. Check here the different cash reception points available with Kushki, as well as the expiration dates of the payment vouchers and the minimum and maximum amounts allowed.

  • Supported brands. 📚 New guide / card payments. In this guide you will find a summary of the brands supported by country as well as the operations allowed.

October 2021

  • Manage your credentials. 🚀 New feature / credentials| With the new Credential Master user role, you can easily create, edit, or delete credentials of your main and your secondary businesses. This feature is available only on demand, from the Console or through our API. Find here our guides for more information.

September 2021

  • Returns, cancellations, and refunds. 📚 New guide / returns cancellations refunds Learn how to cancel a payment or request a refund for your customers through API or from your Administration Console.

  • Webhook cancellations. 📚 New guide cancellations refunds Check this new guide to learn about the structure of the notifications (via webhooks) sent by Kushki when a cancellation or refund is approved for your customers.

  • New Kajita of payments. ⚙️ Upgrade / Solutions for front-end. With the new version of our payment form: Kajita, you can have several ready-to-use forms in your integration and customize them from your Administration Console. Find here our guides for more information.

August 2021

  • Deferred payments. ⚙️ Upgrade / On-Demand Payments. In the event that you wish to accept installment payments on one-click on-demand purchases, you may now send the deferred object, which contains the number of installments, when you charge. Check our integration guide for more information.
  • WooCommerce plugin update. 💻 Update /WooCommerce. The WooCommerce plugin now supports more payment methods and you can customize the appearance of the payment form from your Administration Console. Click here for more information.

July 2021

  • Webhooks of chargebacks. 🚀 New feature / Notifications. Now you can always keep track of the status of your chargebacks, since Kushki can send you notifications via webhooks every time a chargeback changes status. Click here for more information.

  • Check the status of your webhooks. ⚙️ Upgrade /Notifications Console. We have added a new option when setting up webhooks from the Administration Console called Connection status. With this, you will be able to verify whether the URL linked to a certain webhook is working or not.

June 2021

  • Test data. 📚 New guide. Find here a full list of card numbers and credentials so that you test different scenarios while performing your integration with Kushki

  • New error codes. 📖 Updated guide / Error codes. We included new error codes in our catalog. Use them to display the appropriate messages to your customers during their payment experience.