First Steps

Find an overview of the steps you can follow to begin accepting payments with Kushki.

1. Obtain a test account

The first thing you must do to integrate with Kushki is to request a trial account from our [website] ( Once your application is accepted, through this account you can access the console: an online panel from which you can manage your integration with Kushki for a specific country.

The test account will allow you to:

  • Make test payments.
  • Invite team members.
  • Apply for a real or production account.
  • Start building your integration.

2. Build your integration

Start building your integration using your test account. Meanwhile, you can start your request for a real or productive account.

Build your integration to suit your business needs:

One-Time PaymentsRecurring PaymentsPluginsPayment forms and buttonsPayment Links

3. Apply to a productive account

A real account allows you to accept payments from your customers via Kushki. As Kushki is a payment provider and acquirer, we have the legal responsibility to perform detailed checks when you request a real or productive account.

Before applying to a productive account:

You can apply to a real account directly from your Kushki test console.

While you wait for our commercial and risk approval, you can work on building your integration by using your test account. However, you may want to wait for the result of the application to be confirmed.

4. Certify your integration

Once your application has been approved, you must certify your integration. To do this, one of our Integration Area agents will reach you through your contact email to coordinate a review for your integration. Follow the steps we have detailed in our guides to prepare your certification.

Once you obtain your certification approval, you will be provided with the credentials for your productive account by email. Follow the instructions described in our mail message to log in to your account.

5. Set up your productive account

To begin accepting real payments using your real account, you must configure it first. The configuration in your test account is not copied to your productive or real account.

Follow our [Productive account step-by-step guide] (/getting-started/go-live) for more details on the configuration that you should take in to account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check our quick answers to a list of frequently asked questions.

Payments Glossary

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