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Latest Features

  • How does it work?. 📖 Updated guide / transfer in and cash in. Restructured the overview articles of the transfer in and cash in integrations for all countries.
  • Two step payments. 🚀 New feature / Authorization and capture. Authorization and capture service is enabled for one time payments and one click payments in Mexico. Now you will be able to integrate two step payments with our forms, payment buttons and plugins.
  • Transfer out. 🚀 New feature / transfer out| You can now disperse funds via bank transfers through Kushki with the new transfer out functionality. Learn here how the process works or check our integration guides.
  • WooCommerce Plugin. 📖 Guide Updated /Plugins. We include the operation of the plugin: what are the different states of an order, how to process payments with single payment and how to request a refund. Click here for more information.
  • Payment Glossary. 📖 Guide Updated / glossary. We have updated our payment glossary. There you will find common terms used in the industry and in Kushki products. Check it out here.

  • Payment button. 🚀 New feature / Payment button| The new Kushki payment button integrates with your web or website to receive card, cash or transfer payments in a shopping experience controlled by Kushki, quickly and securely. Learn more about it here.

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