How Does a Payment Distribution by Wire Transfer Work?

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how payments distribution by wire transfer works with Kushki

The funds or money distribution by wire transfer is a service that simplifies financial management. By using it, you will be able to make payments from a single bank account to the accounts of your users.

The payment process

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Stages of the payment process

A funds distribution process usually consists of 7 stages:

1. Funds top-up on the Kushki distribution account

It is necessary to check the funds of your merchant in Kushki, because if you do not have funds, the distribution process cannot be carried out. We recommend you to top up your account in order to distribute the money to the different accounts of your customers without any complications.

2. Data request

At this stage, the bank account details and name of the user who will receive the money are collected. These are submitted to Kushki to be validated and processed.

3. Verification of funds

Kushki receives the data that you submitted and validates that your business account has enough funds to process the payment distribution. The balance will be immediately deducted from your Kushki distribution account.

4. Authorization

Once we have verified that you have sufficient funds in your distribution account, we provide a transaction reference. At this stage, the distribution process is initiated and will be credited in a few minutes to the user’s bank account.

5. Delivery of funds

All transactions generated will be sent in real time to the bank and the bank will deliver the funds to the users’ accounts.

6. Notification to the merchant

The bank will notify us of the results of each transaction, and we will notify you immediately.

7. Notification to the user

This step is optional, but very useful, since, once we notify you the result of the transaction, you can share it with your users.

Payment distribution by wire transfers

Distribute payments safely by wire transfers.