Error codes for transfer dispersions

Learn about common mistakes in money transfer dispersals

When making a wire money dispersal request you will be able to check the transaction status through the Get Status endpoint or through a webhook. In case there is a problem completing the dispersal, you will receive an error code as well as a message with the error information. The fields you will receive in the response will be as follows:

"responseCode": "560",
"responseText": "Monto ingresado supera límite"

Below are the codes you may receive.

Error CodeDescription
517El tipo de operación es inválido (The type of operation is invalid)
514La cuenta ingresada es inválida (Account entered is invalid)
560Monto ingresado supera límite (Amount entered exceeds limit)
513Monto presenta sintaxis inválida (Amount has invalid syntax)
500Procesador inalcanzable (Processor unreachable)
583Transacción cancelada (Transaction cancelled)
530Transacción rechazada error en la información (Transaction rejected due to error in information)