Supported card brands

Find out which card brands are supported by Kushki

By allowing your customers to pay with different types of credit and debit cards, both local and global, the conversion rate of your business grows.

What are the supported card brands?

The following table explains the card brands that Kushki supports to process payments:

Aggregator model

Debit cardsCredit cards
Ecuador Agregador tarjetas de débito Ecuador Agregador tarjetas de crédito

Gateway model

Debit cardsCredit cards
Ecuador Gateway Tarjeta de débito Ecuador Gateway Tarjeta de crédito

Note: card brands for your operation are subject to the commercial agreement.

What operations are supported?

When paying with credit or debit card, Kushki allows certain operations. Find out here the allowed transactions:

Authorization and capturePartial captureVoidChargeRefundPartial refund