How Does it Work?

Learn how Kajitas, personalized payment forms, work

Kushki allows you to create custom forms for receiving payments from your store or web application in a fast, secure and easy way.

At Kushki we have two payment forms:

  • Cajita: is our first version of the predefined payment form. Not customizable. To install, follow the instructions described in the section Configure your front-end for each payment method.
  • Kajita: is the second version, which allows you to add customizations from your Administration console and even have several versions of Kajita, one for each payment method, for example.


Kushki’s Kajita has the following characteristics:

  • It is customizable.
  • It is available for various payment methods.
  • It comes integrated with security validation services such as OTP and Sift.
  • You can have as many forms (Kajitas) as you wish.
  • The import script will be available from your console.
  • You can preview the appearance of your Kajitas while you create or edit them.

What does Kushki Kajita do?

Like the previous version of La Cajita, Kushki.js and our mobile libraries, Kajita’s duty will be to collect your client’s payment data and transfer it to a token that will then be used to execute transactions from your services.

Where can you use a Kajita?

You can use these forms to receive any of the following types of payment:

-One-time debit card payments in local currency.
-One-time credit card payments in local currency.
-Deferred credit card payments in local currency.
-Interest-bearing months with credit card.
-Non-interest-bearing months with credit card.
-One-time payments with transfer.
-Cash payment reception.
-Scheduled or o one-click charges.
-Authorization and capture.
-OTP PIN Authentication.

Supported languages

The Kajita is available in the following languages:

  • Spanish (ES)
  • English (EN)
  • Portuguese (PT)

Supported browsers

You can deploy the Kajita in the following browsers:

  • Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
  • Internet Explorer (V.9+) and Edge.

Create a payment Kajita

Learn how to create and use payment Kajitas