Receive payments through channels such as chats and social media without writing a single line of code.

Create a Smartlink

Our payment links or Smartlinks, are a quick and practical payment solution that allows you to sell online without the need to have technical or programming knowledge.

What are they used for?

They are ideal for promotions, accepting payments on social networks, WhatsApp or mail, Instagram or Facebook stores; all without the need for a website.

Instead of using several offer links for every campaign, create just one Smartlink in seconds and use it for all your campaigns.


  • Offer all payment methods: debit or credit card, wire transfer or cash payments.
  • Offer installments or deferred to your clients.
  • Manage and control all your sales from Kushki’s console.
  • Customize your Smartlink look and feel for the best integration with your brand experience.
  • Choose between one-time payments, recurring payments or both.
  • You can share them as many times as you want and for as long as you choose.
  • Supports Sift Science anti-fraud validation tool in card payments.

Now, learn how to create a Smartlink from Kushki’s console.

  1. From the Smartlinks screen of your Console, click on the + Create Smartlink button; A new screen will open to set up your Smartlink.
  2. In the General Information section describe the basic information of your product or service:
  • Product name: this will appear in the main link of your Smartlink.
  • Promotional text: enter a brief description of your product or service.
  • Category: enter the category that best suits your product or service.
  • Product description: enter the description of your product; the text will appear in the Smartlink you share.
  • Payment type: select if you will offer one-time payment, subscription or both, and the total amount to pay for your product. The result, including taxes, will appear in the Purchase summary field.
  1. In the Payment method section, select the payment methods that you will have available for your customers, among credit card, cash or transfer.
  2. In the Logo section, choose the image of your merchant that will be displayed in your Smartlink. At this stage you will be able to choose between the images that you have previously uploaded in the creation of other Smartlinks, or upload a new one.
  3. From the Style and Structure section, define the visual appearance of your Smartlink.
  4. In the Programming section, define the number of uses and expiration time of your Smartlink. At this stage, you can also add a stopwatch that will be shown only if you choose a cover for your Smartlink.
  5. In the Terms and Conditions section, configure the terms and conditions that will apply to your Smartlink; You can select from the default ones for your business or customize them according to the product.
  6. In the Dynamic Form section, you can create a form to create the data you need for your customers, you can use our default template or start from scratch and add the fields you need.
  7. Click the Preview button to see the way your Smartlink will look.
  8. When you are done with your changes, click the Save button to save the changes of your Smartlink.

The following video will guide you through the creation process:

To share an Smartlink with your customers, you only need to copy the URL that we generated for you by clicking on Copy link. Once you’ve copied it, you will be ready for sharing on the social media or network you need.


To edit any details in a Smartlink, find the Smartlink that you need to edit and click on the button on the right side to show the dropdown menu. Click on Edit.


An edition form will be displayed, to edit any details that you need. Don’t forget to click on Save, once you have finished your changes.

Since your time is money, we provide you an option for cloning a Smartlink; this will generate an exact copy of the Smartlink you’ve chosen and will save you the effort of generating one from scratch.

When you select this option, a creation form will be displayed with the same Smartlink options that you are cloning, in case you want to make any changes.


You can delete Smartlinks previously created from your Console. Click on the dropdown menu for a particular Smartlink and select the Remove option. A confirmation message will appear; once you click on accept, the Smartlink will be removed.