Error codes for transfer dispersions

Learn about common mistakes in money transfer dispersals

When making a wire money dispersal request you will be able to check the transaction status through the Get Status endpoint or through a webhook. In case there is a problem completing the dispersal, you will receive an error code as well as a message with the error information. The fields you will receive in the response will be as follows:

"responseCode": "086",
"responseText": "Solo permite abonos a cuenta AFC"

Below are the codes you may receive.

Error CodeDescription
052Número de cuenta inválido (Invalid Account Number)
079Cuenta Cancelada (Account Cancelled)
078Cuenta bloqueada (Account Blocked)
080Cuenta destino inválida (Invalid target account)
081Trans a la misma cuenta (Transfers to same account)
045Fondos insuficientes (Insufficient Funds)
068Monto Inválido (Invalid Amount)
082Cuenta embargada (Seized Account)
083Cuenta saldada (Balanced Account)
68Monto Inválido (Invalid Amount)
084Cuenta no vigente (Account Not Current)
085Cuenta corriente no existe (Current account does not exist)
086Solo permite abonos a cuenta AFC (Only allows credits to AFC account)
087Cuenta bloqueada por fallecimiento (Account blocked due to death)
069Producto Inválido (Invalid Product)
070Tipo de cuenta inválido (Invalid Account Type)
067NIT inválido (Invalid NIT)
071Valor de traslado inválido (Invalid Transfer Value)
072Banco no habilitado (Bank not enabled)
088Cuenta no existe (Account does not exist)
073Transacción no permitida (Transaction not allowed)
089Cuenta oficial activa (Official account active)
69Producto Inválido (Invalid Product)
074Banco o cuenta no inscrita (Bank or account not enrolled)
075Clase de cuenta inválida (Account type invalid)
076Error al efectuar el pago (Payment error)
002Ha ocurrido un error inesperado (Unexpected error has occurred)
090Cuenta no habilitada (Account not enabled)
091Cuenta con bloqueo transaccional (Account with transaction block)
041Ocurrió un error en el sistema y tu pago no pudo ser procesado. Por favor, vuelve a intentarlo (A system error occurred and your payment could not be processed. Please try again)
077Pendiente respuesta de otros bancos (Pending response from other banks)