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Latest Features

  • Webhooks with Payment Button. 📚 New guide / Notifications, Webhooks, Card payments, Transfer payments, Cash payments. Check this guide for the structure of webhooks sent by Kushki when making a payment via a Payment Button.

  • Shopify. 🚀 New feature / Plugins. Kushki now accepts payments with Shopify, allowing making transactions in a safe and quick manner, without writing a single line of code. If you want to learn more about our new plugin, check out our Introduction and integration guide.

  • Payment Distribution to Bank Accounts. 🚀 New functionality / Transfer Out. Now you will be able to disperse money to your users through bank transfers. Learn more about the process here, or check out the step-by-step in this guide.
  • Webhooks. 💻 Update / Notifications, Webhooks, Card payments, Transfer payments, Cash payments. You can now receive notifications (webhooks) for each transaction by sending the webhooks object from your back-end. For more information, check our webhooks and Check your webhooks guides.
  • Generate a payment button. ⚙️ Improvement / Payments with Webpay. Changed the payment methods you can use in a payment button. Now you can receive debit card payments through Transbank’s Webpay.

  • Banks and transaction details for bank transfer payments. 💻 Update / Transfer In. Payments with bank transfers in Chile must be made from personal accounts and not from company accounts.

  • Receive wire transfers. ⚙️ Improvement / Web, IOS, Android, Payments through transfers. Several changes were made improving the user experience, when making a payment by wire transfers.
  • How does it work?. 📖 Updated guide / transfer in and cash in. Restructured the overview articles of the transfer in and cash in integrations for all countries.
  • Webhook for Webpay Plus payments 📚 New guide / Webhooks,Notifications. Now you can always keep track of the status of your Webpay Plus payments as Kushki can send you notifications via webhooks every time a transaction is generated and its status changes. Click here for more information.
  • WooCommerce Plugin. 📖 Guide Updated /Plugins. We include the section plugin operation : what are the different states of an order, how to process payments via authorization and capture or single payment, plus how to request a refund. Click here for more information.
  • Payment Glossary. 📖 Guide Updated / glossary. We have updated our payment glossary. There you will find common terms used in the industry and in Kushki products. Check it out here.

  • Payment button. 🚀 New feature / Payment button| The new Kushki payment button integrates with your web or website to receive card, cash or transfer payments in a shopping experience controlled by Kushki, quickly and securely. Learn more about it here.

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